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The company was formed in spring of 2007 in order to provide Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) for the hotly anticipated Home Information Packs of the era.

Initially our clients ranged from pack providers to National Housing Associations to Solicitors and later Letting Agents as we approached the end of 2008 as EPC’s were introduced to the rental market.

Shortly after the general election of May 2010 Home Information Packs were scrapped leaving the EPC as a standalone document and rather than a full Home Information Pack being a requirement for the marketing of a property only an EPC was required.

This meant our client base shifted literally over night from Pack Providers and Solicitors to Estate Agents and Letting Agents as they were largely responsible for arranging the EPC on behalf of their clients.

As a result of this change in cliental we had to think about the services we offered as the needs of an Estate Agent and Letting Agent differed hugely from a Solicitor or Pack Provider.

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Due to the increased use of internet marketing within the property industry the way properties were being marketed was becoming more and more visual. Floor Plans and Professional Property Photography quickly become part of our core business followed by Video Tours, Elevated images & Drone photography.

The property marketing industry is a fast moving place and we are constantly working on new and exciting ways to work with and assist our clients. We are constantly working to ensure the marketing material of our clients is always ahead of their competitors.


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