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Property Videos for Estate Agents & Lettings Agents

Property Videos & Tours.

The Covid-19  crisis has well and truly flung the use of property videos into the spotlight, but the truth is property videos have always been a great property marketing tool and the crisis has only emphasised this further.


Why is video marketing so important?

Simply put, video is the future, no actually scrap that - video is not reserved for the future, it's here right now in the present!


As consumers our attention is turning more and more to video content over the more traditional methods of communicating a message.


Stats tell us that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support and the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. This shows that video content improves engagement on your website and demand for video is increasing.


Next time you're out and about or you’re on a train journey just look how many people are looking at their smart phone or tablets. They are your potential clients and you need to make sure you are getting their attention!

How property videos can help you & your Estate Agency.

As we have said property videos are quite simply a great marketing tool in any market place.

The property videos we produce are of course hugely beneficial to the property being featured but they also provide a valuable opportunity for you the agent to promote your Estate Agency’s branding  and ethos. This can be done through the creative use of your company logo and company colours as well as footage style and soundtrack choice etc.

Our videos can be used across a whole host of platforms and made visible to a huge range of people.  Property Portals, Social Media, Company Websites and marketing emails are just a few options.

As video is yet to be adopted by all agents there is a good chance you could be offering your clients something over and above your competition but that advantage won’t last forever as more and more Estate Agents realise the benefits of video marketing. Why not be one of the forerunners in your area or at least join the agents that are benefiting from the use of video.

How property marketing videos could help your clients.

Rightmove suggests that property listings featuring a video or virtual tour

could gain up to 50% more interest above a property without a video. We would like to think this increased interest would result in a higher level of viewings if combined with the other key elements of an effective property marketing campaign.

Over the years we have come to realise that vendors generally love their homes and love nothing more than to show off all of their homes features and selling points. This can sometime pose an issue for traditional still photographs as it’s not always possible to capture every single detail of a home with the available photograph space on many websites & portals -With video it’s very different!


In a simple short property video we can capture far more of a homes character and soul. A fairly standard fireplace or garden can be brought to life with the use of motion and clever camera moves which make for a video that your clients will adore!



What are you waiting for?

how the process works...

How it all works.

 First we discuss your requirements and how you would like the overall look and feel of the videos to be. Once this has been agreed it’s time to start filming your listings!

Step One

You send us the property details & access arrangements.

Step Two

We agree with you or the vendor a suitable date & time to visit

Step Three

On the day of the visit we do some basic preparations of the home and capture all the footage we need as well as carrying out an other services you have asked of us (Photographs, Floor Plans and EPC’s etc)

Step Four

​The footage is then fully edited inline with your pre-agreed theme & style.

Step Five

The video is then emailed over to you. There are a few ways and file types you can receive the video in, all of which can be discussed.

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